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4/10/2020Your choice of any American wine.
You can also dial in using your phone.
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Any ParticipantsWhatever you pick
11/9/2012Sparkling WinesNiznikWersal
10/10/2014Washington State WinesNiznikWersal
2/8/2013MMDUSA PortfolioRoland HermanTom & Janet Burckell
1/11/2019Pop, clink, fizz!Hailey LawrenceTerri Newman-Hyde
**Please note date change, changed*
1/13/2017Bourbon barrel wineSutterSutter
6/12/2015Petit VerdotScott SuchSuch Girls!
4/11/2014TempranilloDave LoudinSuch
6/13/2014Finger Lake WinesChris & Kathy StricklandSuch
4/21/2017Meeting date changed - Wine & ChocolateSuchSuch
1/12/2018Cooper VineyadsSuchSuch
3/13/2015Red Mountain Viticultural Area (WA's new AVA)HydeStrickland
10/14/2016Idaho's Snake River Valley and Lewis N Clark AVAsLoutzenhiserStrickland
7/14/2017Chateau MerrillAnne WineryStricklandStrickland
3/9/2018Austrian Wines with Klaus WittauerStricklandStrickland
4/12/2019Chateau MerrillanneKenny WhiteStrickland
6/14/2019Austrian WinesKlaus WittauerStrickland
5/8/2020Willamette Valley VineyardsWillamette Valley VineyardsSelf provided
7/12/2013ViognierScott & Julie Such Scott & Julie Such
9/13/2013National Tasting Project (NTP) RhonesLaura SpivakSarah Sutter
3/8/2013Chilean WinesMimsRenee Dunn & Sally Stutler
2/21/2014Valentine Theme- Wines paired with foods that are aphrodisiacsKoepfingerRenee Dunn
9/11/2015National Tasting - HungarianCurtis DunnRene Dunn
7/9/2021Pool wines, by the pool.StricklandOYO
11/11/2016Wines from somewhere else on EarthUlfersNiznik
5/12/20172009 CA Barbera, The perfect Pizza wineHannaNiznik
1/8/2021UnknownCancelled - No presenterN/A
11/9/2018All Greek to me!AllanMoores
2/9/2018What did you call that?AllansMoore
2/14/2020Wine, Chocolate and a movieRita AllanMoore
6/10/2016Greek WinesPapadopoulos family from Molon Lave VineyardsMims
11/8/2013Mencia!Tom BurckellMike & Terri Hyde
3/10/2017In search of the true ZinfandelAllansLoutzenhiser
10/12/2018October is VA wine month. Come sample wines from 6 of VA wineries. Try some of your familiar favorites as well as new varietals that VA is having success in growingLoutzenhiserLoutzenhiser
8/9/2013Pool Wines (Pool Party!)StricklandsLoudin/Such
10/11/2013Gabriele Rausse -
The father of VA wine
Such'sLolly & Shane Rice
7/12/2019White PortWalter Rachele, AWS Certified Judge (Gibsons)Lawrence
5/11/2012A comparison of wines from IndiaHydeKukers
5/10/2013Croatian WinesKuker'sKuker's
4/10/2015Miljenko "Mike" Grgich: The Man, The Icon, The WINE.KukerKuker
2/12/2016Wines that pair with Cajun foodsKoepfingerKoepfinger
4/8/2016Cotes du Rhone.....How do you like your Grenache?JonesKoepfinger
10/9/2015Discovering the other fermented beverageJeremy Meyers (BadWolf Brewing Co.)Julie & Ken Moore
8/14/2020Wine & PizzaKoepfingerJones
4/12/2013Washington State WinesSteve Pope (Total Wine)Jim & Debbie Mims
8/14/2015Pinot Gris & Pinot GrigioDenise GibsonJerry Gibson
10/13/2017Wine kits verses commercial - Will provide kit and commercial wines of the same types originating from the same geographical regions. Italy; white blend Pino Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc. Lodi CA; Cabernet Sauvignon. Italy; Super Tuscan.HeitmeyerJackson (James)
1/10/2014Governor's Cup GoldDenise & Jerry GibsonHyde
3/14/2014“Nebbiolo” - Barolo, Barbaresco, and beyond!Matthew Leader (Country Vintner)Hyde
7/10/2015Arizona WinesChris StricklandHyde
8/12/2016National Tasting (1/2)HydeHyde
6/9/2017WINEXPERT Limited Edition Wine KitsJacksonHeitmeyer
6/8/2012Que Syrah, ShirazSpivakHanna/Hyde
3/8/2019The other Cooper Vineyards in the other Shenandoah Valley - Amador County CAHanna (Brad)Hanna (Deborah)
8/10/2012National Pinot Noir/Red wine tasting projectGibsonGibson
9/8/2017AWS 50th CelebrationGibsonGibson
9/14/2018National Tasting - PortugalGibsonGibson
9/13/2019National Tasting ProjectGibsonGibson
12/11/2015Holiday SocialN/AEveryone!
12/9/2016Holiday SocialEveryone!Everyone!
12/8/2017Holiday SocialEveryone!Everyone!
12/14/2018Celebrate the holidays!Holiday SocialEveryone!
12/13/2019Holiday Celebration!HolidaySocialEveryone!
12/12/2014Holiday SocialN/AEveryone
1/9/20152009 & 2010 Chateauneuf-du-Pape
Two great vintages
Brad HannaDebra Hanna & Sara Sutter
1/8/20162007 California Pinot Noir RevisitedBrad HannaDeborah Hanna & Sara Sutter
1/11/2013California Red ValuesBrad HannaDeborah Hanna & Laura Spivak
8/8/2014National TastingSutterDebbie & Omar
5/13/2016Politics of wineRene DunnDave Loudin
8/9/2019To Zin or not to Zin?KoepfingerDamons
7/13/2018Northern NY VineyardDamonDamon
9/11/2020Old Housed VineyardsDamonDamon
5/10/2019Pinot What?Allan (Scott & Rita)Damon
2/8/2019Educating the palate...body, flavor, acidity & Sweetness.CrandallCrandall
2/10/2017Legends, Legacy, & Libations – A Story of Napa & WineBurckellChurch
5/11/2018Ingleside - New Labels, New Wines, New DirectionsCrandallChurch
11/10/2020The Back Roads of SpainBurckellBYOF
12/11/2020Holiday WinesThe BoardBYOF
9/9/2016Rhone Varietals from VADunnBurckell
7/8/2016Regional Red Review SutterBritton
8/11/2017National TastingLoudinBritton
3/13/2020Soil, a factor of TerroirLinda CrandallBritton
11/10/2017Wines of Napa & Sonoma - Let the Healing BeginBoardBoard
1/10/2020American Vintage: The Rise of American Wine Debbie Loutzenhiser & Renee DunnBill Loutzenhiser & Curtis Dunn
2/13/2015Unusual and Inexpensive Wine-Food Pairings (7 glasses)Paul KoepfingerAnne Koepfinger
12/13/2013Christmas SocialAllAll
11/8/2019What matters more with your Pinot Noir; Price or Palate?Aimee Schlereth and Tracy CsokaAimee Schlereth and Tracy Csoka
11/13/2015May I introduce you to...(Grapes or wines you may never have tasted)BurckellAdkins & Burckells
7/11/2014Old Vine WinesHydeAdkins
11/11/2011BeaujolaisTom Burckell
3/9/20127 Glasses!
1/13/2012Greek WineMims
4/20/2012Super Tuscan's
9/14/2012Wine Trivia!
12/14/2012Christmas Party!
6/14/2013TBDPaul Koepfinger
9/12/2014Meeting Cancelled
11/7/2014Loire Wines - Note date change!!!Brian Jones
1/12/1996California and French ComparisonTom Burckell
2/9/1996BurgandyChristine Lezzi Blaine
3/8/1996Hartwood WineryDave Barber
4/12/1996OregonJane Wodworth & Jackie Fowler
5/10/1996Historic Wines of VirginiaEarl Bierman
6/14/1996Rhone from CaliforniaMike Tilch
8/9/1996Wine AromaMeg Ulfers & Karen Mittura
9/13/1996National Pinot NoirContrad Brandts
10/11/1996Tough WinesJesse East
11/8/1996Northern ItalyJack & Barbara Townsend
1/10/1997Southwest FranceBev & Tom Iezzi
2/14/1997Dessert WinesKevin & Diane Kean
3/14/1997Antinori TuscanPamm Houchens
4/11/1997BalanceEarl Bierman
5/9/1997National GewurtztraminerTom Burckell
6/13/1997Summer WinesMeg Ulfers & Karen Mittura
9/12/1997New ZealandBrian & Jenni Jones
11/14/1997ArgentinaSteve Brown
1/9/1998Italian Table Wines & Food PairingBev Iezzi
2/13/1998Vertical - 4 Decades of BVTom Burckell
3/13/1998Wine Spectator Top 100Brian & Jenni Jones
4/1/1998LoireChristine Iezzi Blaine
5/1/1998GermanGeorge Winkler
6/1/1998Wines by the LabelMeg Ulfers & Karen Mittura
9/1/1998SpainConrad & Dottie Brandts
11/1/1998PortugalKeans & Vecchiones
1/1/1999PiedmontTom & Bev Iezzi
2/1/1999Australian ShirazMike Tilch
3/1/1999ChileBernie Ulfers & Brian Jones
4/1/1999LanguedocKevin Kean & Susan Vecchione
5/1/1999Crus of BeaujolaisDave Barber
6/1/1999Pinot GrigioMeg Ulfers & Karen Mittura
9/1/1999Ingleside Plantation VineyardsDoug Flemer
11/1/1999Whites Around the World with Turkey DinnerTom Burckell
1/1/2000PortugalConnie Grittner
2/1/2000Wine and ChocolateJenni Jones
3/1/2000ZinfandelPaul Lusher
4/1/2000BordeauxKevin Kean
5/1/2000Award Winning Virginia WinesDenise Gibson
6/1/2000LanguedocMeg Ulfers & Karen Mittura
9/1/2000Wino NightSusan Vecchione & Barb Garrison
10/1/2000Canadian WineDiane Kean
1/1/2001Value WinesConnie Grittner
2/1/2001Riesling WineBernie Ufers & Brian Jones
3/1/2001Pinot NoirMike Tilch
4/1/2001Cabernet Sauvignon VintageTom Burckell
5/1/2001Canary Island WineEd & Joy Veasey
6/1/2001South AfricaJesse East
9/1/2001Olive Oil and WineTom Iezzi
11/1/2001MexicoBrian Jones
1/1/2002Wine BottlesConnie Grittner
2/1/2002Wine From Monte's BasementMonte Newton
3/8/2002Wine DinnerBobbe Morrissett & Ann Lusher
4/1/2002BurgandyChristine Iezzi Blaine
5/1/2002National Pinot NoirKevin Kean
6/1/2002Syrah-ShirazJohn Prokop
9/1/2002Ingleside Plantation VineyardsTom Iezzi
11/1/2002Different Flights of the Same Wine MakerTom Burckell
1/1/2003South AmericaGeorge Winkler
2/1/2003Cancelled - Snow
3/1/2003Greek WineElsie Hagenlocker & Mike Tilch
4/1/2003Wine FundamentalsTom Iezzi
5/1/2002Wines of Food LionJim Mims
5/1/2003AlsaceBrian Jones
9/1/2003SherryCarl Brandhorst
11/1/2003RhoneKevin Kean
1/1/2004ArgentinaTom Burckell
3/1/2004Wine DinnerTilsh
4/1/2004Slovenia/CrotiaAnn Lusher
5/1/2004SpainFletcher Henderson
5/1/2004OregonBill Armstrong
9/1/2004AustraliaLonnie Wersal
10/1/2004South AfricaKaren & Phyllis
1/1/2005UnknownCraig Laveroni
2/1/2005FranceBenedict Calza
3/1/2005Box Wine and Consumer ReportsJoe Futcher
4/1/2005OfactoryTom Iezzi
6/1/2005Blind Tasting - Wine Spectator RatedJim Mims
11/1/2005New ZealandBrian Jones
3/1/2006NE ItalyTree Andre of SEMA LLC
4/1/2006Box WineRay Gamache
5/1/2006ProvenceTom Iezzi
6/9/2006Barrel and ReservesIngleside Plantation Vineyards
9/1/2006ZinfandelBrad Hanna
11/1/2006Holiday WinesTom Burckell
1/1/2007Once a Month/Year/LifetimeMike Tilch
2/1/2007Fad WinesJim Mims
3/1/2007Cabernet FrancBrian Jones
4/1/2007Washington StateRay Gamache
6/1/2007ItalyTom Iezzi
9/1/2007GrenacheBrad Hanna
1/1/2008UnknownDenise Gibson
2/1/2008SparklingLaurie Buchanon
3/1/2008Kybecca RieslingKybecca
4/1/2008Blind Wine TestSuch
5/1/2008Merlot BasicsTom Burckell
6/1/2008Total Beverage, Joe & SteveBurckell
8/1/2008MarylandBlanton & Armstrong?
9/1/2008Old World vs. New WorldBrad hanna
11/1/2008Wine Election - Burckell vs, StutlerTom Burckell & Rich Stutler
2/1/2009Off the Beaten Path WinesBrad Hanna
3/1/2009Australian ShirazBrian Jones
4/1/2009Visit to Ingleside
5/1/2009HealthTom & Janet Burckell
6/1/2009National ZinfandelDenise Gibson
7/1/2009Yeast Flavor in WineConrad Brandts
8/1/2009Trip to California, Wine DiscoveriesSpivak
9/1/2009Wine ScoringKoepfinger
10/1/2009Dinner at Sandy'sSandy Devault
11/1/2009Watt St. Journal Winme & BreadUlfers
1/1/2010Total WineJim Mims
2/1/2010ItalyKerry Adkins
3/1/2010Local Food & WineSuch & Church
5/1/2010Old World vs. New Cab FrancKoepfinger
6/1/2010Summer WinesJim Mims
8/1/2010Viognier & SyrahRachael Pennington
9/1/2010National Chile/ArgentinaBrian Jones
10/1/2010TailgatingLaurie Buchanon
11/1/20105 Grapes = UtopiaTom Burckell
1/1/2011TuscanyTotal Wine
3/1/2011St Patty DayKoepfinger
4/1/2011Spain with Tappahannock TastersField Trip - Willis Parker
5/1/2011BiodynamicsJoy Veazey
6/1/2011Recession Value Wines (red)Hanna
7/1/2011Finger lakesLonnie Wersal
8/1/20117 Couples, 7 Days, 7 WineriesSuch, Church, Gibson, Buchanon, Lefeve
9/1/2011How to read a German wine labelKuker & Wersel
10/9/2020A night with winemaker & owner, Rodrigo Redmont, of Tenuta TalamontiAllan
7/10/2020Summer and Sauvignon BlancHeitmeyer
10/11/20193 Regions – 3 Names – 1 GrapeBurckell
2/12/2021Verona - Wines inspired by Romeo and JulietHyde
3/12/2021Eastern EuropeAllan
4/9/2021Pandemic Finds, Gems from around the WorldDamon
5/14/2021Wines from MexicoNiznik
6/11/2021Lauren Zimmerman (Port of Leonardtown)Hyde
8/13/2021The wine regions of VirginiaKoepfinger
9/10/2021Lodi has more than ZinsGibsons
10/8/2021National Tasting ProjectAllan
11/12/2021PK on VA Wine - A TED TalkKoepfinger